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Corporate Social Responsibility

According to our founder, there are three main problems in India today:

  1. Illiteracy
  2. Underemployment
  3. Inflation


All of us are aware of how crucial computers are in today's time. Still, there are so many who do not even possess basic computer skills. Through this portal, we shall try to provide computer education in our centers across the whole country. After imparting offline education, students will have to appear for an online exam. On successful completion of the course & the exam, students shall receive a certificate which will help them in the future.


We want to give solutions for a better business environment by bridging the gap between buyer and seller and create cost efficiency strategically. We shall also provide jobs to the unemployed and under-employed on a full-time and part-time basis on pay for performance basis. We shall provide exposure to grassroots-level entrepreneurs and shall also encourage our employees to become entrepreneurs.


A general rise in the price level is what we call inflation. Inflation is one such issue that leads to many other problems such as poverty, unemployment, hunger, illiteracy, poor living standard, and whatnot. If one has to break this loop and make people come out of this vicious circle, focus on increasing the savings & employment. That would be our primary motive too.

Our founder says, "If we remove these three main problems, hundreds of other problems in this nation today would be solved automatically."